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About CrypticMC

Welcome to CrypticMC, the ultimate Minecraft experience designed to bring adventure, community, and endless fun to players of all kinds. Our server offers a diverse range of game modes, each packed with unique features and opportunities for players to explore, build, and conquer.

Game Modes


In our Earth mode, players can immerse themselves in a geo-political sandbox where they can claim territories, build civilizations, and engage in diplomatic or military conflicts. Special features include:

  • 500 Gems and 250 Claim Blocks as rewards for meeting supporter goals.
  • A thriving economy with $10,000 in Eco for top contributors.


Our Survival mode offers a classic Minecraft experience with enhanced features to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Players can earn:

  • 500 Claim Blocks and $15,000 in Eco for meeting supporter goals.
  • Unique jobs and ranks to personalize their journey and progress.

Ranks and Rewards

CrypticMC offers a range of ranks that unlock powerful commands and exclusive perks:


  • Dirt Rank: Basic starter rank with essential commands.
  • Stone Rank: Adds more homes, jobs, and SpaceHelmet permissions.
  • Diamond Rank: Includes private vaults, additional set homes, and more.
  • Ash Rank: Enhanced perks with more vaults and command access.
  • Magma Rank: Even more vaults and command capabilities, including personal time and repair.
  • Meteor Rank: Extensive command access and exclusive perks like nickname and heal.
  • Moon Rank: High-level rank with advanced commands and generous bonus loot.
  • Earth Rank: Top-tier rank with the most extensive perks and maximum benefits.


  • Squire Rank: Basic starter rank with essential commands and some bonus items.
  • Knight Rank: Adds more private vaults, set homes, and exclusive command access, including repair and feed commands.  
  • Lord Rank: Includes extensive command access with additional vaults, set homes, and advanced features like heal and back commands.
  • Emperor Rank: High-level rank with premium access and advanced commands, including claimfly, near, and full back access across all worlds.
  • Cryptic Rank: The ultimate rank with the most extensive perks, including maximum private vaults, the highest number of set homes, repair all command, and significant in-game shop discounts and multipliers.

Supporter Role

Our Supporter Role is a monthly subscription that offers:

  • Priority Queueing: Faster access to the server.
  • Supporter Role in Hub: Special status in the hub.
  • Monthly Mystery Dust: Receive 1500 Mystery Dust each month to buy cosmetics in the hub.

Crate Keys and Kits

Unlock powerful rewards with our crate keys. For example:

  • Swabbies Crate: Grants access to exclusive rewards. View Crate Key Contents [EARTH] [SURVIVAL]

Our kits provide players with valuable resources and tools to enhance their gameplay experience. View Kit Contents [EARTH] [SURVIVAL]

Community and Support

At CrypticMC, we believe in fostering a strong and supportive community. Our players are at the heart of everything we do. By contributing to our server goals, players not only enhance their own gameplay but also help improve the server for everyone.

Join our vibrant community today and be part of the adventure!

Additional Information

For more details on ranks, rewards, and to make purchases, visit our store.

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